Willem Kolff and the Invention of the Dialysis Machine


Author Tracy, Kathleen
Binding Library Bound
Copyright 2003
Dewey Number 617.4610
Dimensions 7.5 x 9.5
Interest Level Middle
Reading Level 7.1
Series Unlocking the Secrets of Science
Series ISBN 9781584152309
Pages 56
Subject Biography & Autobiography , Science & Technology, Juvenile Nonfiction

Willem Kolff and the Invention of the Dialysis Machine

After watching several patients die of kidney failure, Willem Kolff began to think of ways their deaths could have been prevented. If I could just remove as much urea as this boy creates, which is about 20 grams, then the boy would live, he thought. He began to read every book he could find on purifying the blood. Through much experimentation, Kolff developed an artificial kidney. In 1946, Kolff donated his artificial kidneys to London, New York, and Montreal in an effort to help as many people as possible. Over the next half century, he would become known as one of the greatest medical inventors of all time and earn the nickname the Father of Artificial Organs.

  • ISBN: 9781584151357

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