Bats: Native Pollinators


Author Baxter, Roberta
BISAC Code JNF003320
Binding Library Bound
Copyright 2020
Dewey Number 582
Dimensions 8 x 8
Interest Level Intermediate
Reading Level 3.4
Series Native Pollinators
Pages 24
Series ISBN 9781680203882

Bats: Native Pollinators

What comes to mind when you think about bats? Creepy? Spooky? Vampires? Bats get a bad rap. They do not harm people. Many are hardworking pollinators. America is home to 45 species of bat. They are the main pollinators of desert plants like the Saguaro cactus in Arizona. Nectar-eating bats from other countries help plants to produce the fruits we love to eat, such as bananas, peaches, and mangos. Native Pollinators: Bats is a good place to learn about these nighttime pollinators.

  • ISBN: 9781680203721

  • ISBN: 9781680203738

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