Awesome Innovations Inspired by Dolphins


Author Corrigan, Jim
BISAC Code JNF051000
Binding Library Bound
Copyright 2021
Dewey Number 600
Dimensions 6 1/2 x 9 1/4
Features contents, color photographs, what you should know factoids, Want to be a…?, glossary, online resources, further reading, index, about the author
Interest Level Intermediate, Middle
Reading Level 4.6
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Series Biomimicry
Pages 32
Series ISBN 9781680206159

Awesome Innovations Inspired by Dolphins

Few species are as smart and playful as dolphins. These speedsters of the sea live in social groups. They have taught us many useful lessons about life in the ocean. With natural sonar, they can swim and hunt while blindfolded. Scientists study dolphins to learn more about intelligence in animals and in humans.

  • ISBN: 9781680206050

  • ISBN: 9781680206067

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