All About North American Hawaiian Monk Seals


Author Petrillo, Lisa
BISAC Code JNF003140
Binding Library Bound
Copyright 2020
Dewey Number 599
Dimensions 8 x 8
Features contents, color photos, maps, interesting fatcs, parts, glossary, further reading, on the internet, index
Interest Level Intermediate, Primary
Reading Level 3
Series Animals Around the World: North America
Pages 24
Series ISBN 9781680204278

All About North American Hawaiian Monk Seals

The tropical paradise of Hawaii is home to the rarest seals in the West. Hawaiian monk seals look cute and chubby as sleek crescent rolls. But they’re born with Olympic-level diving ability to go deep as submarines. Look inside All About North American Hawaiian Monk Seals to read and learn about this mysterious creature so endangered that only 1,200 remain in the wild. Monk Seals is one of 18 books in our Animals Around the World series. Each title is beautifully illustrated with large, close-up photographs. Be sure to check out all 18!

  • ISBN: 9781680204216

  • ISBN: 9781680204223

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