A Project Guide to Sound


Author Kessler, Colleen
Binding Library Bound
Copyright 2012
Dewey Number 534
Interest Level Intermediate
Reading Level 4.8
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Series Physical Science Projects for Kids
Series ISBN 9781584159711
Pages 48
Subject Science Projects, Sound

A Project Guide to Sound

Babies crying, school bells ringing, cars roaring by, the ding signaling that a new text message has arrived . . . sounds are all around us, but how are they made? And how do we hear them? Sounds are created when air vibrates, and we hear them because our ears are specially developed to funnel in and process those vibrations. Through the activities and experiments in this book, youll take a hands-on look at how sounds are made and how they are heard. From salt drums to xylophones and sonic booms, youll have fun making music and noiseand learning a little along the way!

  • ISBN: 9781584159704

  • ISBN: 9781612281124

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