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Do you have kids who won't read? There are millions of them in our schools. I don't mean kids who can't read--I mean those who just plain won't. "This book is too long. This book is too boring. I hate to read." You've heard all the excuses. So have we. Now try some new titles from Mitchell Lane. The books don't look too long. The books don't look too difficult. Even your kids will pick them up and give them a try. That's when we hook them. The easy, breezy narratives keep kids reading. And all the important information is in there! What good are books if the kids won't read them? How can they strengthen reading skills when they won't even open books?

As always, Mitchell Lane is dedicated to bringing you quality nonfiction for children and young adults at reasonable prices. All Mitchell Lane books are proudly manufactured in the USA with quality reinforced bindings (unless otherwise specified).

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