Your Land and My Land: Latin America Book Reviews

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School Library Journal, August 2011

On We Visit Peru and We Visit Brazil

Colorfully illustrated with photographs on almost every page, these attractive introductions have maps that place each country in a global context and one that shows cities and regions. "Facts at a Glance" pages provide quick reference sources. Brief chapters discuss history, government, geography, and natural history. … Both books will be useful for reports as they also provide brief biographies of famous people, a recipe, and craft.

Booklist, October 2010

On We Visit Cuba

With an inviting format that includes bright color photos on every spread, this title in the Your Land and My Land: Latin America series offers an appealing overview of Cuba’s history, geography, culture and lifestyle, politics, economics, and more. Beginning with the South American Ciboney and Taino tribes, the chapters move on to the arrival of Columbus, the disappearance of the indigenous tribes by 1570, the Europeans’ importation of African slaves, and the fight for independence that continued until Fidel Castro’s establishment of a Communist state. Up-to-date, the title includes contemporary life and the changes brought by Fidel Castro’s brother, Raúl: “Cubans want to modernize, but not necessarily Westernize” sums up the present scene. Additional, lively chapters introduce famous Cubans, major festivals, and top places to visit in the country. The accessible back matter includes recipes, a time line, a glossary, craft projects, and a bibliography of books and resources. A good starting place for research as well as for personal interest.