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School Library Journal (Series Made Simple), November 2011

On the Technologies and Strategies in Battle series

This series covers world-changing battles, beginning with events that took place in ancient times and progressing to modern history. There is less focus on the technological aspects of the skirmishes than on strategy, and along with the basics of battle, the books feature short biographies of the fighters involved, the lead-up to the battles, and the end results. The simple language reduces complex historical events to manageable stories, making the books approachable for ambitious young readers and reluctant older readers. These aren’t necessary purchases, but they might be considered to increase military-history collections.

Booklist, October 1, 2011

On The Battle of Midway

This title in the new Technologies and Strategies in Battle series is an in-depth account of the 1942 Battle of Midway, detailing how it was fought by sea and air by the U.S. and Japan. In concise chapters, Torres chronicles the major events that led to America’s ultimate victory, which allowed the U.S. to control the Pacific during WWII, and he delves into descriptions of military strategy and leaders, the aircraft and battleships used, and the impact of developing technologies, such as radar and radio communications. “FYI” pages offer more focused information on topics ranging from code breaking to submarines. Despite its brief length, this useful research resource packs a wealth of information into its straightforward narrative. The colorful layout intersperses abundant visuals, including maps and archival photos as well as sidebars. The extensive back matter features a battle timeline, a brief overview of important dates in U.S.–Japan relations, chapter notes, suggestions for further reading, and a glossary.