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Booklist, October 1, 2014

On the A Teen Guide to Investing series


The cheerful how-to tone of this series encourages readers to see themselves as investors. A wealth of specific details paints a vivid picture of how it feels to be involved in various kinds of investments.

Children's Bookwatch, April 2014

On Investment Options for Teens

Investment Options for Teens is an outstanding financial planning resource for teens within the teen investment series titled A Teen Guide to Investing. Characterized by clear explanations of complex financial practices and legal limitations or requirements, Investment Options for Teens covers an overview of early financial planning in six chapters plus a summary of investment options. Presented in color photo illustrated sidebars and page decorations, chapters cover information on having enough money to invest, starting small, planning for the future, discriminating which risks are worthwhile, saving for retirement, and the summary of investment options. The last includes brief definitions of a 529 plan, certificates of deposit, IRAs, mutual funds, savings bonds, statement savings, and stocks. Color sidebars framed with tiny piggy banks contain investor trivia tidbits of interest, and exciting background illustrations add interest to the text. Finishing with a section suggesting further reading material, On the Internet, bibliography and glossary, Investment Options for Teens offers a well rounded thumbnail sketch of current investment options available to maturing teens.

School Library Journal, November 2013

On A Dividend Stock Strategy for Teens, Investment Options for Teens, A Teen Guide to Buying Bonds, A Teen Guide to Safe-Haven Savings, A Teen Guide to Buying Mutual Funds, and A Teen Guide to Buying Stocks

This series is a valuable addition to any library or classroom. The clearly written texts are ideal for introducing students to investing. The discussions are straightforward but not oversimplified. The writing is so precise that all readers will come away believing that they can invest successfully. There is a good balance of providing tips to increase chances of making money (diversify!), stressing the importance of research, and warnings of the possible pitfalls. The only possible downside to this series is the attractive but staged-looking photos that will limit initial appeal. "Investor Trivia" text boxes contain interesting facts. For example, in Stock Strategy readers learn that "A single share in the Coca-Cola Company sold for $40 in 1919. Today that one share would be worth $9.8 million." Some titles include an appendix with specifics. For example, Mutual Funds has a "Low Cost Mutual Funds to Consider" chart. Excellent resources for students wanting to learn more about investing.

Series Nonfiction, October 2013

On the A Teen Guide to Investing Series

This informative six-volume series provides teens with a thorough introduction to various aspects of investing. The first volume outlines available investment options and subsequent volumes focus on specific options in greater detail. Each volume follows a similar format of introduction, detailed explanation, planning and strategy, and merits v. risks. Investment Options for Teens briefly explains college savings plans, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, IRAs, mutual funds, savings bonds, and stocks. Using plain language and simple math calculations, this volume shows teens the clear benefits of saving and investing even small amounts from an early age. Investment is portrayed as a long game that greatly enhances quality of life. Buying Mutual Funds discusses planning, types of funds, pros and cons, and investing strategies for mutual funds. Buying Stocks covers planning, Internet trading, portfolio management, risks, and stock strategy for rookie investors. All volumes make ample use of photos, bold graphics, charts, and illustrations to effectively convey key points of a complex subject.

Additional titles in the series, Buying Bonds, Safe-Haven Savings, and A Dividend Stock Strategy For Teens round out the comprehensive series on investing for teens. Although written by multiple authors, the books maintain a consistent, straightforward writing style. Each volume contains sections on further reading, Internet links, works consulted, a glossary, and an index. Sidebars contain additional trivia and facts. This series very effectively breaks down complex ideas and processes into explanations that are easy to understand and advice that is simple to follow.

Booklist, October 2013

On Investment Options for Teens

Beginning with the most basic of investment questions, this volume of the Teen Guide to Investing series presents goals that are on the horizon for most teens—buying a car or growing a college fund, for instance—and encourages readers to start small, earning money through lawn mowing or other odd jobs and then putting that cash into the bank. With time those seed funds can grow enough to consider certificates of deposit, 529 plans, saving bonds, and even stocks. Teens are challenged to think of the future, toward homeownership and even retirement. Eye catching and symbolic stock photos (lots of piggy banks, eggs in baskets, and money-in-a-vice imagery) enliven the text and add visual interest to this practical, smart, and helpful book. Money-savvy teens should glean plenty of potentially lucrative tips.