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Booklist, April 1, 2014

On A Teen Guide to Buying Goods and Services

With increasing discretionary income, teens have become a powerful consumer demographic. The introductory chapter of this well-rounded entry in the Practical Economics for Teens series relates the concepts of goods and services and how the buying choices teens make directly affect the economy, while a subsequent chapter explains the efforts of advertisers to lure teen spenders. Later chapters address the impact of selling and buying green and American-made products, and a final chapter discusses consumer rights. Quotes from businesses that are popular with teens, such as Chipotle and Five Below, add validity and interest to the accessible text. Color photos, "Goods and Services Tips and Trivia," and more enliven this helpful look at becoming aware of one's spending practices.

Children's Bookwatch, February 2014

On A Teen Guide to Earning Income

A Teen Guide to Earning Income is an economic resource book from the Practical Economics for Teens series, specially written for a student audience from grades 4-8. Cheerfully illustrated with relevant photos and pithy sidebars with titles like Earning Income Tips and Trivia, A Teen Guide to Earning Income covers multiple teen employment issues in five basic chapters. These are titled Help Wanted, Finding a Job, You're Hired! Now What?, Paying Your Taxes, and Making the Most of Your Paycheck. Chapters are succinct, practical, and filled with good advice and information for job-seeking teens. Chapter notes are listed at the end, along with resource suggestions for further reading both online and in published books and a helpful glossary of terms. An example of the useful material contained is found in chapter 3, page 28: "Before you go home on your first day, be sure you know when you are due to report to work again. It is very important that you show up on time each and every time you are scheduled to work. It is also important that you follow the rules. For example, if you aren't supposed to have a cell phone with you when you work, leave this item at home or in your locker if your employer provides one. Simply switching it off is not following the rule." Additional helpful tips and definitions are found in highlighted sidebars. A Teen Guide to Earning Income is a very practical guide to seeking and keeping appropriate employment as a teen, and learning to be a productive employee.