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Booklist, February 15, 2009

On Threat to the Bengal Tiger

Four short chapters break down the basics of growing up as a tiger cub, the tough life ahead of them, and the factors contributing to their endangered status. Vivid pictures of tigers fighting, nuzzling, sleeping, and playing are paired with interesting captions about their claws, stripes, teeth, and more. Young researchers will appreaciate that O'Neal goes heavy on the statistics (who knew the average Bengal tiger needs to eat almost 8,000 pounds of meat per year?)

School Library Journal, November 2007

On Polar Bears on the Hudson Bay, Frogs in Danger, and Threat to Ancient Egyptian Treasures

These volumes are perfect for young readers seeking information on contemporary environmental issues. Short chapters, large font, and pronunciation guides to key words engage children doing research, but the depth of information is not compromised. Historical and scientific background, the animals' current status, existing rescue efforts, and future prospects are addressed. Colorful, up-close photographs are accompanied by satisfying explanatory captions. "What You Can Do" pages provide practical suggestions for proactive readers.

Booklist, October 2007

On Polar Bears on the Hudson Bay

Polar bears have become the face of global warming, and this short introduction to the animals presents the environmental threats they face in simple, easily accessible language. In short chapters, the text moves from the basics of polar bear behavior, physiology, and habitat to later sections focusing on the impact of warming temperatures and increased tourism in polar bear hunting grounds. Bold-face terms include topic-specific words such as polynyas and algus (types of breathing holes in the ice that are used by seals) to more general vocabulary builders, such as ingenuous and endangered. Students will still have questions about briefly introduced concepts, such as why, exactly, human and bear interaction can be so harmful to the animals. But the brief text, eye-catching close-up photos, and of-the-minute topic will pull plenty of student interest to this title, which is part of On the Verge of Extinction: Crisis in the Environment subset of the Robbie Reader series. A glossary, resource list, and suggestions for student action conclude.