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Booklist, April 1, 2014

On US Immigration Services

What happens when someone wants to become an American citizen? Amie Leavitt introduces the basic requirements of the process to young readers in this title in the My Guide to US Citizenship series. It might have made more sense to present the process of immigration chronologically, rather than skipping from topic to topic, but the numerous sidebars and illustrations are informative and useful in keeping readers on track. Of particular note is the book's helpful guide to Internet resources, in which Leavitt notes the best places to collect information for potential new citizens, complete with strategies to ensure that readers find only credible information while online. Although not an exhaustive source, this is a valuable starting place for youth with questions about citizenship and the process of becoming an American.

School Library Journal, April, 2014

On Immigration in the US, Your Guide to Becoming a US Citizen, US Immigration Services, and US Laws of Citizenship

The issues of immigration and naturalization are directly relevant to the lives of many children currently living in the United States. These titles offer a look into the services available to those who may wish to earn U.S. citizenship, explain the complicated laws, and provide a history of immigration. In particular, Your Guide to Becoming a US Citizen gives specifics on the actual naturalization process: who is eligible, what forms must be filled out, and how to prepare for tests and interviews. Real people are shown as examples, and photos and text boxes contain context and supplemental facts. However, while the content is valuable, readers might find the presentation daunting; the pages are dense with text, and it is sometimes difficult to wade through to find specific material. Would be good for certain collections, but beware of information overload.

Children's Bookwatch, February 2014

On US Immigration Services

US Immigration Services is a new title from the My Guide to US Citizenship educational series for students in grades 1-6. Filled with color photographs and blue shaded informative sidebars discussing key points, US Immigration Services is a well written chapter text on US immigration services, past and present. Chapters cover details such as the US is a country of immigrants, services available to immigrants, pathway to citizenship, controlling immigration, and more. Additional chapter notes offer helpful source footnotes, plus books, web sites, and works consulted are listed under Further Reading. A brief glossary lists terms, pronunciation, and meanings used in the chapters. US Immigration Services provides a brief, wide sweeping overview of the status of present US immigration services available along with a plethora of relevant facts and details plus their sources. US Immigration Services is a useful text for students age 10 and over, in connection with the other titles listed in this series.