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Booklist, June 1 & 15, 2012

On The Bill of Rights, The Judicial Branch, The Power of the States, and The Story of the Constitution

The My Guide to the Constitution series offers a solid look at some of the most important events surrounding the country's beginnings. The series opens with The Story of the Constitution, which introduces both the Constitutional Convention and those who came to Philadelphia that hot summer of 1787 to hammer out the responsibilities of a new government. The book highlights the convention's debates and gives kids a basic understanding of Federalist and anti-Federalist stands and the ratification process. The Bill of Rights explains how the rights in the Constitution evolved and what they mean. Also addressed is the global impact of the Bill of Rights; a copy of the document is appended. The Judicial Branch talks about the three branches of government and how the Supreme Court is a check on the other two branches of government. Famous court cases are highlighted. With states' rights so prominent in the news, The Power of the States is a necessary title for libraries. The book explains the powers of the national government vis-a-vis those of the states and discusses how this tension has sometimes burst into warfare, as in the case of the Civil War. Though some of the information overlaps, each title offers something important for readers to think about and discuss. The artwork, historical paintings, and photographs are for the most part well chosen. Overall, this is a good, ground-level place to get kids talking about government and what it means to their lives.

Midwest Book Review, Children's Bookwatch: April 2012

On the My Guide to the Constitution series

My Guide to the Constitution is an educational series ideal for students in grade school and junior high. Each volume examines a different aspect of the Constitution of the United States — how it came to be created, the human rights it was meant to protect, and the major roles and duties of the three branches of America's government. Written in plain terms and illustrated with full color photography on every page, My Guide to the Constitution lives up to its title and is an excellent resource worthy of the highest recommendation for school library collections.

School Library Journal (Series Made Simple), November 2011

On the My Guide to the Constitution series

Bright and appealing layouts will draw readers to these overviews of American constitutional history and government. Each book describes the historical background of its subject and traces its evolution as the country and government grew and changed. The authors donít attempt to cover all aspects of the Constitution and government. Rather, they use interesting and often timely examples about historical and current issues to show readers how the federal government operates, examining the interactions between the branches of government and those of the federal government and the states. Large, colorful reproductions and photos depicting leaders and relevant topics will draw students.