Latinos at Work Book Reviews

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School Library Journal, January 2002

On Careers in Community Service and Careers in Technology

Easy-to-read guides written particularly for readers from a Hispanic background. Each book starts off with a description of some career choices available in that area. A variety of careers are included with "spotlight stories" that tell about outstanding people, companies, or groups. Basic education and training requirements, a job description overview, and salary estimates are included. More than half of each book is devoted to eight or nine inspiring profiles of people who work in the respective fields. Gender balance is excellent. Bankston looks at a community/media relations director, doctor, lawyer, labor leader, and others who work for Hispanic opportunities and rights. Garcia includes a graphic artist, computer artist, Web-site founder, computer science professor, and others involved in software and the Internet. Black-and-white photos appear throughout. … Readers will get valuable advice from these volumes and see some interesting career options through them.

School Library Journal, March 2002

On Careers in Law and Politics and Latino Entrepreneurs

Contemporary school-to-career resource specifically aimed at Hispanics. Both volumes present overviews of their respective fields and profile successful male and female Latinos. Wade provides a brief introduction to 32 careers. Readers will appreciate the specificity of the overviews, including the employment outlook and potential salary range. The author's journalistic style makes the 10 biographies appealing to non-Latino readers as well. A wide range of backgrounds and countries are represented; each entry includes factual data and less personal history than that found in Entrepreneurs, which is more didactic than Wade's title, explains the difference between starting a business from scratch and buying an established one and discusses what it takes to be a successful owner and operator. The eight biographical sketches are written in a talkative, story like style. With cultural appeal in mind, details include the subject's early loves and choices that led to their success… Morals and strong work ethic are seen as essential, and family support is given more emphasis than big money…there is some good information here.