A Kid's Guide to the Middle East

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Christine Maasdam, Jewish Book Council, February 2016

On Understanding Israel Today

Presented in a well–outlined and organized six–chapter format, Understanding Israel Today provides a concise account of the country from its biblical roots to our current time for the elementary– and middle–school reader.

Silverman has packed an incredible wealth of information into 64 pages that is easily readable for students. Highlighted sections such as, "In case you were wondering..." serve to provide details that can be used to immerse the student in the life and people of the country, furthering open discussion. Students will appreciate the timeline, maps, recipe, craft instructions and additional source reading included with the current and historical photographs...Understanding Israel Today will be a valuable resource at home and at school for parents, teachers, and students of all ages.

Booklist, February 2015

On Understanding Jordan Today, Understanding Lebanon Today, Understanding Palestine Today, and Understanding Saudi Arabia Today

Trying to sort through the Middle East can be difficult for even the most educated adults, but the titles in A Kid's Guide to the Middle East series breaks down the culture and ongoing conflict into manageable portions. Beginning with a typical day in the life of a child from the representative country, each book continues with a look at history, traditions, geography, religion, gender roles, food, and arts. Religious disputes, war, and other conflicts are examined where appropriate. Understanding Jordan Today focuses on its centralized location (which made it both significant for trade routes and a target for conquering armies) and its rise as one of the most progressive Middle Eastern nations. Understanding Lebanon Today discusses the first prosperous civilization, established by the Phoenicians, and the sectarian tension that currently threatens peace. Understanding Palestine Today explains the area's legacy as a sacred religious crossroad, the creation of Israel, and why violence continues between Israel and Palestine. Understanding Saudi Arabia Today describes its transition from desert nomads to skyscrapers, the importance of Islam, and the benefits and challenges of being an oil-producing country. Extensive back matter includes a recipe, craft, time line, glossary, and area facts. An essential series to help children appreciate and understand the rich diversity of this region.