A Kid's Guide to Keystone Species in Nature Book Reviews

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Series Made Simple, November 2015

On Keystone Species that Live in Deserts, Keystone Species that Live in Grasslands, Keystone Species that Live in Ponds, Streams, & Wetlands, Keystone Species that Live in the Mountains, and Keystone Species that Live in the Sea and Along the Coastline

After an identical two-page introduction to the concept of keystone species, each title presents five examples from the featured habitat. Chapters provides fairly detailed descriptions of the species, then note its importance to the ecosystem, threats to survival, and strategies to keep it safe. A one-page feature on a related concept typically builds strongly on the previous content, though some act more as filler. There's lots of information woven into the text, with language that is generally clear and direct. Footnotes and citations provide strong source support not typically found at this level, with current facts and research. Visual support is less consistent: for some animals, just a single photograph is provided; with others, there's a second photo, a range map, and/or images of habitats. VERDICT Though the series is not perfect, it fills an important subject gap, since print resources for kids on the topic of keystone species are sparse.