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Lane Education Service, January 2008

On Ride the Giant Waves with Garrett McNamara

Ride the Giant Waves with Garrett McNamara is an authorized biography about the life of Garrett McNamara and his love for Extreme Sports, especially surfing. We follow Garrett as he grows and as his need for more extreme sports grows with him. There are great real-life pictures of him surfing, with his friends, family and some of his injuries. The book uses bold type for words that are in the glossary as well as pronunciation breakdowns for words that might be difficult for readers. This book is a great addition to an extreme sports section of an elementary school library and would be a fun and easy read for third through fifth graders.

Lane Education Service, January 2008

On Extreme Cycling with Dale Holmes

Dale Holmes knew early in his life that he loved bikes. At age nine he got his first BMX bike and began training. Soon he was doing jumps and racing. He finished school and went into racing. The book is packed with pictures from some of Dale’s racing, and training, and other things he is doing in his life. This is one of the extreme sports books out of the “Robbie Reader” series. This book is a fast paced non-fiction book about Dale Holmes with chapters that are easy to read. What a great choice for any library to have a new biography book with a glossary and resource pages too.

School Library Journal, February 2007

On Extreme Skateboarding with Paul Rodriguez, Jr and Ultra Running with Scott Jurek

These easy-to-read volumes introduce professional athletes and trace how they became involved and successful in their respective sports. A standard five-chapter format is used for each book, which includes vocabulary words with pronunciation keys. Skateboarding has a list of selected video games and movies about skateboarding. They are good practice for struggling readers.

Booklist, October 2006

On Extreme Cycling with Dale Holmes

Part of the new Robbie Reader: Extreme Sports, this book nicely balances a brief biography of BMX bike racer Dale Holmes with a glimpse into the sport and the life of a professional athlete. Beginning with an exciting account of a competition, the text dips back to Holmes' English childhood, followed by his rise to professional status and his training regime, noting his diet and fitness requirements. The color images, short chapters, and sports action will draw plenty of interested kids. The accessible language seems geared to elementary students, but the pared down format (just text and images, with few of the whimsical graphics common in books for the young) makes this a good choice for struggling readers in the upper grades. Back matter includes a chronology, a glossary, and recommended resources.